MPhil Program in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship (TLE)

This Program specifically addresses students' development in technology innovation, leadership skills and capability for entrepreneurship and will:

  • Provide students with interdisciplinary opportunities;
  • Cultivate students to become top engineers, managers, entrepreneurs or even founders of rising enterprises at the forefront of the innovative technology apart from the traditional research route;and
  • Provide training opportunities for students who are interested in working in the industry/commercial sector or starting their own companies with high-end technologies.

Curriculum Design and Study Mode

Curriculum Design and Study Mode

List of elective courses related to "Leadership, Management and entrepreneurship" offered

Course Code Course Name Credit
ACCT 5150 Accounting Foundations 2
ELEC 5540 High-Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3
ISOM 1380 Technology and Innovation: Social and Business Perspectives 3
ISOM 5200 Innovation and Intellectual Property Law 2
ISOM 5480 Technology Entrepreneurship 2
MGMT 4220 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Studies 4
MGMT 5650 Venture Capital Perspective on Entrepreneurship 2
SOSC 3110 Science and Technology in Hong Kong 3
*Exact courses to be offered will be announced at the beginning of each term.
  For detailed curriculum, please refer to HKUST Program Catalog:

The thesis is expected to demonstrate the student?ôs research achievements and understanding of the commercial and application aspect of the topics, such as market feasibility, cost analysis, etc.

The program will normally take two years of full-time study to complete. The two-year study will be in Hong Kong and students need to undergo an Industrial Internship for a minimum of 2-3 months which can be held in the 1st year summer or during the 2nd year of study. This Industrial Internship can be in Mainland China (Example: Nansha, Shenzhen, Hangzhou) or other places within the industry or research centers in other parts of the world. The internship will be selected by student and reviewed by the advisor and Steering Committee.

Supervisor Matching

Each student candidate admitted to the program will have a supervisor based on his/her expressed interest in his/her application, as well as the matching research interest of the faculty member.

Guide on Thesis Supervision for TLE program

  • Any faculty members, regardless whether he/she is appointed as prime supervisor or co-supervisor, can only allow supervising one TLE student at any time.
  • Only faculty members who hold appointments on regular tenured track, such as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor, can be appointed as prime supervisor.
  • Student should observe other regulations and guidelines on thesis supervision as specified by the University.